Take time in lovely natural places

The sun’s reflection in the ripples of the River Sevre Niortaise enlivens our oar strokes; the sound of our mounts’ hooves combines with the whistling of the blackbirds to create a symphony; enjoy the sweet pleasure of teaming up with a donkey for a day of wandering... It doesn’t matter by what means, provided that we delight our senses during an excursion.

Balade en barque à deux

Geocaching Tèrra Aventura

An experience to discover nature differently

Amazing characters called Poi’z are hiding out in the wilds of the DeuxSevres... In order to find them, an online app will guide you in a quest strewn with clues and detours in the heart of exceptional natural sites. More than 20 routes are available. Who said children don’t like walking?


Enjoy nature

They are called Hell Well, Rock Wandering or Footbridge Auzay: Sensitive Natural Spaces are the ambassadors of the exceptional natural heritage of Deux-Sèvres. There are untouched natural surroundings to be freely explored. Our territory also has beautiful gardens that can be savored according to hatching and seasons. Admire, listen, smell ... Nature in all its splendor is here staged by talented gardeners, for your greatest happiness.


Bathing water bodies

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Animal parks

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Parks and gardens

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Your hike

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Preserved environments

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Hike differently

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Have fun with golf

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Benina Onda : Les sources du Thouet

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Niort et sa Coulée Verte

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La Talle à Teurtout

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Vélo-Route "La Vallée de l'Argenton" (itinéraire complet)

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Un séjour nature et cocooning à l'orée des bois