Let’s take a family trip back to Medieval Times, and operate a working drawbridge, cross ramparts, walk along hoardings, climb to the top of a keep and observe our surroundings. Let’s walk through narrow cobbled streets where half-timbered houses proudly stand…

Be a knight or a princess for once in your life. Once upon a time there was a treasure hunt, acrobats, knights fighting, a night in a four-poster bed…

Hear ye, noble companions,

Get ready for a 1-2 HR, 3 KM-long treasure hunt to discover the Mauléon Heritage

A sword fight against the enemy is about to begin. All is quiet on the Mauléon front…This could be a good time for ordering new boots from my master tanner. Will you escort me ?

  • Poï'z secret weapon: Zéroïk
  • Course difficulty: 3/5
  • Field: 3/5
  • Duration: 1h-2h
  • Treasure size: bottle
  • Distance to be covered: 3 Km

Treasure hunt route

St Mesmin

Just like a true knight

Just a stone’s throw from Puy du Fou, le Château de Saint Mesmin is a genuine medieval castle you can visit with your children, as true knights of the Middle Ages. Have a paper chase here, play wooden games, play an escape game there; this is paradise for children who can already pretend to be a princess or a knight.

Noble Lords and Ladies…

The castle is under siege…young and old, meet the Lord of Coudray-Salbart Castle to discover his renovated dwelling, attend the training of his soldiers, collect Easter eggs, meet witches at Halloween, and play medieval games !

Sleep atop the keep and haul up the drawbridge


Here, you are King and Queen.

For a night, sleep atop a keep, go for a boat ride in the moats of the medieval castle, dive into a pool near the garden filled with fragrant medieval herbs, and best of all, open the drawbridge, an experience to be discovered with your favourite subjects.

The Niort Keep

On the Kings of England route, a keep proudly stands on the river: the Niort Keep. This is one of the finest examples of a roman twin-keep ensemble in France, and the first building in Niort to be classified as an Historical Monument. Numerous workshops are offered, where you can learn to fight, and to build while having fun.



Parthenay, the little ‘Carcassonne’ and its restaurant

Ideal for families

Walking through the narrow streets of medieval Parthenay is an adventure in itself. Visit the fortified town, a real maze which will take you to the Aut’fouée restaurant. When you push the door of the inn, medieval music immediately takes you back to those times. Above all, don’t miss the Chef, who will prepare a ‘fouace’ right in front of you. Your kids will remember the fouace, and you will remember the hypocras (a drink made from wine, sugar and spices).

Heading for Adventure

In the High Middle-Ages, stroll through the oldest silver mines open to visitors in Europe. Children will like the minting of coins and the 3D film !


Our suggestions for accommodation, visits and activities to play knights and fine ladies.

Château de Saint Mesmin


Château de Tennessus

Non classé

Château du Coudray-Salbart


Donjon de Niort


Mines d'Argent des Rois Francs