Racing in a canoe, by night…
Kids and grownups love to play !

A thousand participants each year, on the last weekend of June in Coulon.
Picking up clues in a canoe by night in the Marais poitevin.

From Switzerland, from Belgium, they come from everywhere to try and solve enigmas on the marked water trail …

An unforgettable adventure, in a festive atmosphere with people wearing the most beautiful costumes you’ve ever seen… whether you’re among friends, family or with your camping neighbours, this is a weekend you’ll never forget. Reservation is a must !

This rally is not a competition, but a big party!! How is this crazy game played ?

The start of the event is given in Coulon at nightfall... Teams of at least three canoes or four kayaks embark into a maze of canals and ‘conches’, in search of "checkpoints". These points will be found through enigmas which are given to the teams at the start. At each checkpoint, a keyword is to be discovered based on an animation played by the members of the Canoë-Kayak Niortais or using visual elements. The combination of the words found enables them to discover the rally’s annual theme.

Players have a maximum of five hours to find all checkpoints, after which penalties will be applied. Ranking is based on the time spent, the number of checkpoints found, and the accuracy of the theme.

And there’s something to suit every taste: some come for the sporting aspect, others for tourism, and some prefer the gameplay.

Indeed, this event is not a competition but a big party in the Marais poitevin, which livens up the village of Coulon in Deux-Sèvres ; teams are invited to dress up in costumes and to decorate their vessels to surprise the numerous onlookers standing on the banks.


Rewards are not only for the leaders: rewards of equal value are bestowed to: the crew having obtained the best score, the crew with the best costumes (for which a special jury is appointed), and a team drawn from among those who have declared their return. The team with the best sense of humour, and the one who had the toughest time running are not forgotten, either...

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