Marie tells us about her holiday with friends during which they were able to visit Mauléon, test a swincar (a surprising vehicle), learn to cook with essential oils, take a trip in a canoe and make their own beer at the farm. They took advantage of a brand-new guest house near Bressuire, la Belle Lurette.

week-end entre amis, autour des sens


Swincar: surprising and great fun !

Hi, Marie here. Come along with me and my friends for 3 fabulous days. We left Nantes and arrived in Deux-Sèvres via Mauléon. We stopped to visit this Petite Cité de Caractère®, perched on a rocky spur, overlooking the river. The view of the medieval town from the Mont Gaillard memorial, was particularly impressive. So, we had a picnic! In the afternoon, we tried a Swincar. An unusual all terrain electric vehicle, super manoeuvrable and versatile! We chose the introductory package where we could have fun on the bumps, banks, rocky surfaces, slalom, bascule (or cantilever) bridge and ditches. It was really surprising and great fun. Our bed and breakfast for the 2 nights, as cosy as could be, was called la Belle Lurette. It had 4 rooms, and as there were 8 of us, we had the whole place to ourselves. I took away a few decorative ideas with me !



week-end entre amis, autour des sens


A hike through the countryside of the Nantes Sèvre ! 

The next morning, after a delicious breakfast in the delightful bistro-style lounge, we headed for les laboratoires Body Nature for a cookery workshop. The concept is to learn to cook with essential oils. It’s an original idea with infinite possibilities. We have all agreed to host a meal during the year... I’m looking forward to some great evenings. For lunch, we had a lovely meal at the Moulin de la Sorinière surrounded by countryside, than we went on a 2 hour canoe trip on the Nantes Sèvre, leaving from l’île du Leydet. It wasn’t difficult, we just got a little bit wet going over a weir. Refreshing! The trip was pretty and calm, and gave us the chance to see the landscapes from a different perspective.


week-end entre amis, autour des sens


Cheers ! 

After waking up early, we regretfully left our hosts and our pretty rooms, but everybody was enthusiastic, because we were going to find out about traditional brewing methods! Perfect to accompany our dishes with essential oils and wow our friends at home! We chose quite a special brewery, Louis and Marguerite in Beugnon-Thireuil, as it’s on a farm. Grain has been produced on site since the 1960s and is used to brew artisan, organic beer. The workshop alternates between theory and practical, from the mashing of the grain to the start of the fermentation via the boiling. We followed it well and tasted well! Fortunately, there was a very generous breakfast and rustic meal... We returned to Nantes, delighted with our very varied break, which was definitely tasty and lots of fun


You can learn while having fun on this break ! 

Mauléon, Petite Cité de Caractère®


Chambres d'hôtes "La Belle Lurette"

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Restaurant Le Moulin de la Sorinière-Hôtel

Le petit futé Michelin Restaurant Gourmand Logis

Brasserie Louis et Marguerite